2014 Volunteer Service Award Winner—Paige Havens

An active champion of Gwinnett, Paige has made significant contributions to the healthcare community. She has advocated on behalf of Gwinnett Medical Center for various programs for more than 15 years and has served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. She is also a Campaign Feasibility Study Advisor, Keystone Society Member and Legacy Society Member.

Paige also spearheaded Gwinnett Medical Center’s Women’s Advisory Council by becoming a Founding Community Co-Chair and Philanthropy Sub-Committee Chair, recently raising $180,000.

After a tragedy hit close to home, Paige became a Concussion Institute Advisory Council Founding Community Co-Chair and Marketing Sub-Committee Chair. She is also a spokesperson for Georgia’s Return to Play Act, which puts into place life-saving legislation to protect youth athletes in the State of Georgia from returning to the game too soon after sustaining a concussion. She is also actively establishing best practices, policies and procedures to help concussed students successfully return to the classroom by serving as a spokesperson for Return to Learn.

Paige now works as the Brain Injury Association of Georgia’s Director of Programming & Development who provides help, hope and support to individuals with brain injuries and their families all across Georgia.

This is just a portion of what Paige has done to make a difference in Gwinnett.